Sunday, November 6, 2011

On Banter...

Ideological differences, media manipulation, and social agendas are working hard and being very successful at tearing this country apart.
One has to wonder whether outside forces are hard at work as well, behind the scenes, investing heavily to see that the above is carried out.  To think otherwise would be a very naive view point. 

Obviously, over the course of the history of the United States we have gone out of our way to try to topple governments all over the world, or at least to keep them unstable.  Think of Vietnam.  Cuba.  The Banana Republics of Central America.  We even marched into Mexico City, forcing the president to sign away half his country, which now includes New Mexico, Arizona, California and Nevada, Washington and Idaho, and possibly Montana.

America was supposed to be something more than this. I think it stopped being a Christian nation back in the fifties. I understand that we didn't want the communists to take over Vietnam or Korea or any other part of Asia but still... We left France in charge of Vietnam, or at least that was the plan anyway to keep France in charge of Vietnam. We may have been on the wrong side of that fight. Our dealings in Latin America have been shameful at best over the years. We supported United Brands, now Chiquita, for years as they controlled the economy and people of Central America. We've treated Latin Americans as if they were children, while doing our best to keep them under our thumb. Shame on the United States of America. Meanwhile President Eisenhauer spoke about supporting the little guy and not bullying the small countries, all the while doing exactly that behind the scenes. One thing that irks me is that all this time, since the discovery of oil in Pennsylvania, we've been promoting the oil industry, or even not permitting the development of other technologies that have been viable for years, and could take petroleum's place as the main source of energy. I have personally seen quite a number of different apparatuses, machines, and techniques that could pretty much eliminate the need for petroleum. We might still need petroleum for a lubricant for special situations, but mostly I think we could eliminate the burning of petroleum is a fuel. Greed is the thing. Generally speaking humans are greedy and look out for themselves first and foremost. There are exceptions, but generally we are greedy. I've been trying my entire adult life to eliminate that tendency from my own heart with limited success. As it is written, "The heart of man is deceitfully wicked." We suck, fairly often. "What's the solution?" you ask. My answer is, "Be a disciple of Jesus of Nazareth." "Be willing to bleed, to lay down your life, to make that happen." 



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