Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life on the Island

The dogs of summer are barking daily now.  We've gone through some extended, tremendously hot and humid weeks, ever since July.  It's now mid-August, and we had a two-day break from the oppression, which has been sweet, indeed.

Not long ago, in the last week of July, we purchased a lawn care company.  I had helped a friend of mine get his little company going some five years hence, via designing his logos, letterhead, name, etc., as well as helping him to learn some of the ins and outs of lawn care.  He came away, in the end, with around 23 customers, all residential more or less, which was pretty impressive for a guy who can barely speak English.

Due to some mitigating circumstances, he found himself in need of liquidating some of his assets, in case he felt a need to beat a hasty retreat.  So he offered to sell his company to us at a very attractive price.  Because of the fact that our kids are now at the age where they need jobs, and because we enjoy our time with them, we went for it.

At present, I am working on expanding the company into some commercial situations as well.  We shall see...

So what in the world is up with that Darkisle thingy, you might ask?  My last name is a Gaelic name which means "The clan of the dark islander", or "The son of the dark islander", or some such.  Therefore, I came up with the name Darkisle Gazette.  What is a dark isle?  Who knows?  It just sounds catchy to me.  I hope it does to you as well.  It's all in fun.