Sunday, January 6, 2008

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know...

What do you mean "it's been forever since I last sunk my teeth into this blog"? I'm sure it's only been around a month or so... I forgot to look to see exactly how long it HAS been. Yeah, right. I failed to look on purpose out of embarrassment.

At any rate, here is my latest post, adoring world.

I'm sitting here at my computer desk (yes, I have two desks, one for piling my junk on - the better of the two, and one for my computer (and for piling junk on)), with my pants down to my knees, a turtle neck shirt on - black, and my favorite, brown casual shoes. It's 2:15 am on January 7, 2008. What the hell am I thinking? What are you thinking, you pervert? Of course I don't have my pants down to my knees for any less-than-honorable reason. I came out of the john with the intention of going straight to bed, when I was waylayed by the thought that my friend, Luis Paredes, from Lima, Peru, might have sent me an update on his new plan for mentoring the Hispanic youth of our little area into a deep relationship with Jesus. That's right, you heard me correctly. How could you think such a thing? Get your mind out of the gutter already!

So, what do I find? I find that Luis sent me an email in which was supposed to reside an attachment, but therein I found none. Hmf! I shot off a quick note chastising my friend, and setting him straight. Luis is a guy who is bound to make a big impact on the world. I wish you could all know him. He would be a good friend to all of you, whoever you are.

Enough of that blathering, let's blather about all the interesting things that I'm up to. Firstly,
I have embarked on a mission to remodel my basement. Why you ask would any sane man, (your first mistake is that you suppose that I'm sane) at the age of 45, start remodeling his basement? Is it to have a place to install my new 95 diagonal inch plasma TV? Well, no, that would not be it. Hmm. Would it be to... have a place to put my new pool table, built-in bar w/keg, and those cool African animal barstools? Nope, sorry. That's not it, either. What about a place to show off my collection of South American butterflies? Um, no! What are you thinking, weirdo? Wait. I'm blathering again, sorry.

Oh yeah, the purpose of this one-sided conversation - I am constructing 3 bedrooms and a full bath down yonder to have a place to house people that God sends our way for salvation and discipleship. "What?", you ask. "What did you say?" Well, I am firmly convinced that the way we play the Christianity game here in the U.S. has VERY little to do with what God really wants out of us. Also, during prayer about 5-6 months ago, God spoke to me in some incredibly clear ways regarding what I'm to do, and in regards to those I'm daily with. So I have chosen to radically obey my Lord Jesus.

Very shortly, I'll be off on another adventure. I'll be heading to Mexico for two or three weeks. I feel that God is going to have something there for me, whether direction, a mission, a soul, or a church, I don't know, but I'm going because I feel lead to do so.

I have no idea whether anyone will actually read this blog any time soon, but who knows?

I am also going to Mexico to research tortilla machines. Yes, that is correct, tortilla machines. What do you mean, "Why would any sane man want a tortilla machine." I want to start a tortillaria here in my town. I want to start small, and grow as the years go by. My reason for starting a tortillaria is to have a bit more money for my family, have a lot more money for my ministry, and give jobs to several people, for the glory of God.

I'm tired.


Frank J. McAvinchey