Friday, March 25, 2011

The New, Improved Gig

So, I’m laying in bed on my back, having just spent the entire week in a sunnier locale than my own, learning how to plug the holes in my “system”, and augment in the extreme my income and knowledge base.  There, that was a long-winded diatribe, no?

My wife and I have just this evening finished a weeklong training conference that will almost certainly catapult our graphic design business into a high orbit.  This is for us wonderful news, as we were not sure that this training was a sure thing.  Baring a complete collapse of our national economy in the next 2 years or so, we will have all the finances we need to purchase a more appropriate location, and all the goodies we need to get ourselves bugged out of Dodge before TSHTF, if TSHTF, that is.

Whew!  I am relieved in the extreme.  We were part of a group of 23 folks from all over the USA who took a course on marketing.  Some of us are self employed, others are unemployed, others work for companies, but all were looking for a new, profitable beginning.  It looks as though we’ve found one, and a very good one indeed.

Upon returning home, we will begin to dig in, setting up the total package that will enable us to garner highly profitable customer bases to finance our concerns well!

So, if you have a company that you’d like to see obtain hugely increased profits, give me a nudge.  I can help.  We’ve seen 400% increases inside of a year.  Nothing to look askance at.

All for now,



Friday, March 4, 2011


So much happening,
So much goin’ on,
Seems like it never slows,
It never goes,
Never leaves me alone.

Political intrigue,
Apocalyptic creeds,
Lascivious “needs”.
Global, tribal, multi-cultural greed,
All in the name of everyone’s religion.
Piling up death all around us.

We’ve gotta protect,
Against the other man’s thinking.
Can’t trust that he won’t run us down.
Blood’s gotta run in the streets like a river,
Or we’ll never be happy, never be in charge.

I’m getting over myself,
Or so I think…
I think I’m finally over myself,
And then I think…
I stop and smell the coffee,
Check the tea leaves,
Toss the dice,
And what do I find?

It’s not about me,
But everywhere I turn
I just turn up again.
It’s not about me,
But every time I look in the mirror,
There I am again.

Won’t you just leave me alone?
You’re not me, clone.
You’ll never be me.