Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Will Wait Upon The Lord...

I'm sitting in the "Prayer Room" of the Cincinnati House of Prayer, listening to a particularly calm version of "Let It Rain", which hails originally from IHOP KC (International House of Prayer, Kansas City).  I'm on staff here at C-HOP, currently participating/leading 2, 2-hour prayer/worship sets (for a live view of what that might look like, click here

Having been recently conversing with a good friend of mine regarding the opinions, findings, and research of one Chuck Missler regarding past, current, and future events/occurrences of a biblical nature, and having spent quite a while now listening to reading the opinions of and agreeing with, Mike Bickle at IHOP KC, you'd think I'd be in quite a quandary regarding who's opinion to cling to.  That would not be the case, however.

Chuck Missler seems to make quite a few very valid points regarding the End Times scenario/s, including a rather convincing explanation as to why we, the Christian believers, will be raptured BEFORE the Great Tribulation, and not during, nor after.

Mike Bickle, on the other hand, is certain, certain I say, that we are NOT going to be raptured BEFORE the Great Tribulation, but that we are going to be raptured after ALL of that hairy, nasty, and absolutely hellish series of events rock the entire world, that is if we survive till then.  Mike is convinced that we will be taken up with Him, the Lord Jesus, as he returns exactly 1260 days after the "Abomination that causes Desolation" enters into the Holy of Holies in Jerusalem, desecrating the Temple via sacrificing a pig on the altar.

I was concerned when my friend presented me with this "new" notion, one which I had previously espoused as recently as a few years ago.  Yes, I read the "Left Behind" series, and with great relish.  That was the exact stance that I thought for sure was the only correct one out there.  I believed that until I heard Mike Bickle's take on the rapture of the Church.

At this point in history, I'm thinking that someone MIGHT be correct, but I'm not sure.  Therefore, I MUST take the stance that Mike's version of the truth is the one to prepare for, while keeping in mind that it might just be wrong.  Sorry Mike!  Sorry Chuck!  You're both great students of the scriptures, and you both present an excellent example of "Preparing for the Day of the Lord", and being faithful to the Lord.  May your lamps burn brightly till he returns, and may you both draw millions into the fold, and prepare them for the inevitable, which ever version pans out to be the truth.  I love you guys!


Friday, March 26, 2010

10 Days of Vacation... Ahhh!

Truth be told, it was a restful vacation that we just experienced, albeit a tad on the odd side of things.  Picture this - for the second time in almost 23 years, my wife and I got away ALONE!  The kids are now old enough to leave at home, while we are gallivant about the countryside.  It is an amazing thing to experience such freedom after all that time.  All I can say is... Ahhhh!

So the boy, who has, I may have mentioned, surpassed my stature by a bit over an inch at present, had to go to Missouri to participate in the National Home School Basketball Championships (or some such).  His team came in 5th in the nation (amongst home-school teams that is), while the boy garnered 2nd place in the slam-dunk competition!  That's my boy!

So the wife and I, getting back to the matter at hand, spent 10 days constantly in one another's company.  At this point in the process, we are fairly used to one another, and being extremely calm individuals, were able to return to our homestead alive, and unharmed.  That could easily be seen as a miracle by a large percentage of the population today.  Most, I believe, would expect us to implode after just a few days, or perhaps explode.  But no, we came out completely unscathed.  Woo-hoo!

On the way to Mizzou, the wife and I listened to a book on CD that kept me awake all the way there, that is to say, it was most interesting.  Whenever a book gets referred to as one that kept me awake, well, you get the idea.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to remember the name of the book at present, and the wife took it back to the library.  I'll get back with you on that one.  Sorry.

Then there's The Hunger Games, by some woman who's name escapes me.  Oh yes, Suzanne Collins, that's the name.  That was an interesting one.  I read that after arriving in Branson, MO, where we spent the a.m. and nights.  Branson is NOT my style, at all.  The accommodations were quite nice, though, in Branson, MO. The Hunger Games is set in the former U.S.A., partly in W.V., and partly in CO - Colorado.  It's a post-apocalyptic journey through a world that is not much like ours,

Well, I just woke myself via a deep, heavy duty snore, so good night to all, if anyone is reading.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Teenage Angst

I have a son, 16 years of age, who has surpassed my height now.  I find myself unconsciously standing straighter, trying to be taller next to the young punk.  It's rather disconcerting to look slightly UP to someone whom you've always heretofore looked down at.  Hmph!  It feels unnatural, weird, and generally not right.

13 years ago, my wife took the chubby-cheeked, platinum blonde little guy to the doctor, who commented that "He's a big one."  After a series of tests, the doctor, with raised eyebrows, concluded that the boy  would end up being between 6'6" and 6'8" tall when he had completed his growth cycle.  That made MY eyebrows raise.

At this point, the "boy" is 6'3", and probably not done growing.  He is a basketball machine.  Although not yet of giant stature, he is rather large, eats sort of like a LARGE horse, and has size 15 feet!  Heavens to Mergatroid, that's a big kid!

So we just finished tournament number 3.  The boy's team took first in the state of Ohio (homeschool), and we still have to go to Missouri for the final tournament - Nationals.  Lord have mercy, that's a whole bunch of tournaments.  You'd think the kid had joined the NBA or something.  Now he's having to make a new decision, and make it by this Saturday - whether to try out for an AAU team, or go to a basketball "school", either of which costs more than seems to be trickling in to our bank account these days.

So we had to tell the poor little fella that he'd just have to find another solution to his hoop dreams, like an AAU team that doesn't travel, or a job perhaps?  Or both.  The kid IS an amazing basketball player, usually making his opponents look bad, no matter what shade of melanin they may contain.  Makes me chuckle, makes me happy, too.

I can easily see the guy winning a scholarship to some level of university, whether D1 or other, I don't know.  He seems to have his sights set on going to a Christian college somewhere or other, and playing ball for them. Afterward, he is thinking he'll perhaps play for a European team, and then who knows?

Thank you for your support!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SURVIVE Magazine - the .jpg!

Survive Magazine

On a whim, I decided to create a magazine.  The original intention was really just to create a portfolio piece, but somehow, that turned out not to be enough.  I am actually working on creating an online magazine called SURVIVE Magazine, and it kicks butt.

I will try to include a copy of the front cover for your personal enjoyment.

This bi-monthly publication will start out kind of like a blog, but with multiple articles included in each edition.  It will be intended as a valuable resource for Christians principally, but also will be a wealth of info/knowledge for anyone to use.

This will be a preparedness/readiness/survivalist magazine with a completely Christian outlook.  Survive will, therefore, not only contain articles about how to put together a bug-out bag, but also articles about the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 2 & 4, not only how to create a soda can alcohol stove, but also the Sermon on the Mount.  Survive Mag will contain excerpts from many books on theology, and interviews of prominent, forward thinkers in the field of sustainable housing design.

So there will be multiple things of interest in each edition for any and all.

I'll keep you posted.


My Newest Post

Greetings to my millions of readers!  God love ya!

I was just attacked by my feisty young child, after I pestered the poor thing, of course.  Kids are fun!

Now then, on to the next subject:

I am in the midst of creating a chicken coop!  Yes, I can see you're excited by that piece of news, I would be too.  My friends, Ed and Micheal, have jumped into the fray with me, and this very day we set about building a chicken coop.  Huzzah!  Huzzah!  We have calculated that, since each chicken needs 4 square feet of floor space inside the coop, we need a twenty by twenty building to house our planned flock.  So how many chickens is that, you ask?  The quick answer, which also happens to be the long answer, is 100 cluckers.  "What?  Are  you out of your mind?" you ask.  Well, let's not delve too deeply into that topic for now.  We're here to discuss chickens, remember?

One hundred chickens, when mature, will give us around 90 eggs per day, depending on the variety of clucker, and myriad other factors.  "But what in the world are you going to do with that many eggs," you ask.  The short answer...  that remains to be seen.  But it doesn't take a person with the level of creativity compressed into MY brain to understand that there's a large market out there for organically produced eggs.  They taste better, and are NOT poisonous to humans or the environment, unlike the crap sold in most grocery stores today.

As a Christian, I feel that I have a responsibility to steward what God has placed in my hands to the best of my ability.  This world falls into that category in a big way, and I, as a Christian, have GOT to be at the forefront of the responsible crowd there.  Does that mean that I think every Christian should be an environmentalist?  Yes, that IS what I think.  Why?  Because God told us, way back, to steward the Earth, period!  There, that was easy.

That being said, every one of us should figure out what that means in our own personal context, without using that sort of statement as a cop out.  Should we be polluting the place that God gave us to wisely use?  Should we be participating, or merely not resisting the tendency of humanity to drive species to extinction?  Should we NOT try to live in such a way that we are NOT destroying, polluting, fouling, poisoning, remodeling, removing, replacing, or overwhelming this fragile planet we've been placed on?  Umm, no, we shouldn't.

We disciples of Jesus of Nazareth should be THE environmentalists.  But that doesn't mean we should be tree huggers, bunny savers, fur painters, tree spikers, or other sorts of malcontents like that.  We should simply, quietly, do the work of the King, in all it's forms.  Well, perhaps not always quietly, sometimes you've got to raise a cry.

The main focus of all of us who claim allegiance to Messiah must be to carry out his orders, especially those he gave immediately before ascending into Heaven, namely,

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. 16Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. 17And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”
19After the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, he was taken up into heaven and he sat at the right hand of God. 20Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it.