Friday, June 11, 2010

Let Calmer Heads Prevail

In the wake of...  Don't you just love to hear that phrase?  I love it. It makes you know that something really juicy is just around the bend.  I just finished watching a video clip revealing the debacle on the Mediterranean.  You know the one, where Israeli commandos took over a ship full of trouble-makers.  An asian woman, who happens to be a US citizen, gave the lowdown on the situation.  She  had managed to send out about an hour of footage, presumably via satellite.  Surely they knew that Israel wasn't going to allow anyone to slip in without some trouble?  That group was looking for trouble, in order to gain media attention.  Well, it worked.  Was Israel wrong to react that way?  Do they have any right to guard their borders?  Do we?  Does Mexico?  Does Europe?  Yes.